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Videos with Vibbidi

by Nicholas Izzi32394639761713

            The Vibbidi app is a fun and new way of uploading videos with their own original flair. The purpose of this app is to create videos which can be as long as 27 seconds that show off a person's creativity to the world. The app works by having the user record footage straight from their camera on their smartphone or tablet. Once they have the videos, they then arrange them into a sequence that will fill up and reveal a story for everyone to see. The videos don't have to be about anything in particular, just whatever comes to the creator's mind. For example, I saw one video of people stating on skateboards and on another video I saw a person painting a picture.

This app feels like a successor to the Vine app that has been in use for a few years now. Through Vine, people post 6 second videos and then upload them for everyone to see. Vibbidi has a very similar feel and is much more suited to people who wish to create or view more in-depth videos. It has a simple setup that will allow anyone to fully utilize the app and be able to easily create any video they desire. It also gives people access to upload their videos onto Twitter and Instagram which are very popular social media sites used by millions of people.

The app offers people different people options for how they want to arrange their videos and also allows them to incorporate a title for their video. Just be sure to scroll down when on the video editing portion because the option to upload clips is hidden off screen. I like that it allows people to access their libraries of music and select whichever song they would like in order to give their video an extra feeling of excitement. The app also allows people to comment on other peoples' videos and share their thoughts.

Overall, I think that Vibbidi is a very creative app that offers a simple structure that welcomes all people to try their app. Anyone can let their imaginative ideas become expressed by making an original video that showcases their own visions. Then, when a person completes their video, they have the option to share it over a few different social media sites that everyone can witness. If you enjoy being creative, then you may want to test out the Vibbidi app when it launches at the end of October and see what creative videos you can come up with.

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