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Using the computer (to create my art) is a dance of a free mind ….. of a mind freed !!!

Artist Statement Paedra and Transfigured Collages   Transfigured Collages are a continuum, a gestation of all my previous work stretching back 40 years. These collages are my most personal work to date reaching ever deeper into my soul and transgendered self. These Transfigured Collages speak directly to my searches, hungers, frustrations, duality’s, to how I view the world, to contradictions, to sexuality, to sacredness. These collages pull from digested influences; from the explicit sexuality of Heironimus Bosch and Asian Indian art, from the lustiness of Rubins and the great Masters, from the repetition of Warhol, Escher and Baroque artists, from the in your face of Mapplethorpe and Wesselman, from the brilliance of color of Gaugin. All are ever present in my mind as in behind the scenes power and inspiration as I follow my own path and chart my own course. Yes using new tools, the computer, to create these Transfigured Collages. Yes using my most important tool, my thinking questioning brain to create transforming the influences of my age my life into works of art meant to give pause to the viewer. The main tool, the most important tool remains the same: the brain of the artist. Now with a reservoir of digested influences I present you my Transfigured Collages.

I AM at the most exciting period in my art journey having two years ago discovered the incredible creative tool, the computer. LOL ( laughing out loud ) I am like a kid in a magical candy store. This tool has , for the most part, freed me from the drudgery of long hours of manual work and given me the facility to create at the speed of thought AND TO BE OBJECTIVE without the layer of preciousness laid on by time expended on the art at hand.

tool. 1. any devise of implement used to carry out functions whether manual of by a machine….. DK Oxford Dictionary

tool. labor-saving device, implement, instrument …. Rogets Thesaurus

I now create art at the speed my mind conceives at or nearly that speed. The speed my fingers can move the computer program tools about. I create art now without falling into the preciousness of the amount of work/time trap which was given for the necessary completion of the piece. Creating complex art done by means other than the computer takes huge amounts of invested time. The amount of time to make changes can be huge. Objectivity suffers as the result. With a stroke of a computer key I can make major changes instantly WITHOUT expending manual time. I can subjectively create; bring my vision to view; THEN with this tool I can nearly instantly make objective decisions/changes to hone the overall effect.

My work is of sacred sexuality. Sexuality which is open and creative and expressive. Sexuality of honoring the bodies we inhabit. Sexuality of consent. Sexuality which is nonjudgmental. Sexuality which celebrates all of one’s anatomy.

I have never been so free [ to create and express ] and childlike. This is not to imply that one should be a child in creating ones art . To the contrary! To be able to bring in many many layers of meaning comes from experiencing, chewing on, and living life; from accumulating a vast mental library. Likewise, to look objectively at ones art takes a mature mind. ] AND so intense and focused …..

Using the computer (to create my art) is a dance of a free mind ….. of a mind   freed !!!

Art to show: SEE GALLERY
  • Blue Hands and Rings, 52” x 67”
  • Brittle Life Form, 85” x 66”
  • New World 1, 52” x 63”
  • Homage to Georgia O’Keeffe, 40” x 54”
  • Red Blonde Hair, 60” x 48”