ozo-press-photo-cloud-1050x608BY          Nicholas Izzi

          Nokia is a very well-known technology company, especially for their phones. Over the summer Nokia recently announced their plans to build OZO, which is a virtual reality camera that will be used to create brand new types of videos that appear more vibrant and livelier than ever. Currently, the amount of details on the camera is scarce but there is some information given that will certainly stir up a lot of attention for this complex device. The camera is in the shape of a sphere with a handle in the back which gives it the ability to contain a 360-degree field of vision that will be used to take footage and audio never before done by cameras.

The main goal of this new camera is to give professional video-makers the chance to create stories that can be shared with people worldwide. This means that it is not meant for everyday people since the camera will be very expensive. No price was officially stated yet, but it will most likely be a five-digit number. The virtual reality will be used to give the audience a new sense of excitement as it will give them the feeling that they have actually traveled to the places in the videos. Nokia titled it a “space machine” that will be used to transport people to new destinations even while at their homes. The use of a virtual reality camera will provide new opportunities for creators who wish to make original videos that can reach people in new ways like never before.

This OZO will be compatible with virtual reality headsets which are devices that a person wears around their head to immerse themselves in a virtual realistic world. These headsets were the first successful attempt of accessing virtual reality and now the OZO intends to try and improve on that. The camera will take stereoscopic 3D videos with the use of eight cameras and eight microphones to allow the user to take the most in-depth footage possible.

This camera sounds like an amazing piece of technology that will change the way we watch and make videos. Virtual reality has been attempted many times in the past, but was never close to being completed for people to actually enjoy. Recently attempts at virtual reality have become much more fruitful as a few devices are already being created to finally achieve that goal, such as headsets and this OZO camera. I am very curious to see what these new videos will look like and how effective they will be at actually immersing the audience and making them feel as if they were transported to a brand new place. This camera is planned to be released sometime this year and it will be exciting to see what content makers are able to create with this new camera.


This link will lead to a video that shows off the new camera. While limited on details, this video gives us an idea as to what the camera can be used for. It highlights various places in the camera’s lenses which are meant to spark ideas for possible uses for the camera. It certainly is interesting to think about what clever uses people will devise for this camera and how they will make it seem palpable to the viewer.


This link gives a brief video of the OZO and also contains a few “teaser videos” to make viewers excited about the release of the camera. It also contains a collection of different pictures that show the camera from a variety of angles. If you scroll down it also gives more of an in-depth look at the camera’s basic features that make it stand out from other cameras.

As you can see from the videos, the OZO will boast a unique design that distinguishes itself from other cameras. Unfortunately almost no footage has been released to the public aside from a select group of people who were given the opportunity to witness the footage the camera is capable of taking. People have no choice but to wait until further details have been disclosed. This camera will be different and a drastic change from what people are used to but if this camera becomes popular after its release, it could set the path for new cameras down the road.