Mundo-conectadoby Nicholas Izzi

            Ericsson has a goal of creating what they call a “Networked Society”. In this society, everybody is linked together at all times through wireless connections that will change the way people live their daily lives. They want to incorporate wireless communication into just about every important facet in peoples’ lives such as automobiles. They want to create a type of infrastructure where all people and vehicles will be fully aware of each other on the road in order to provide safe and efficient traveling. They believe that they will be able to design a new type of framework that will revolutionize our lives.

Their biggest goal seems to be figuring out how they can organize a system that will improve how people travel every day in public transportation. Essentially they want to create a cloud for cars that will store a lot of information and connect with other vehicles. This means they want to connect all forms of transportation whether it is people traveling to work by train or by car. They want to develop a new structure that will provide updates and information to people as quickly as possible, such as accidents and traffic reports, so that people can stay safe and also save time by changing their route to work. Ericsson also want to be able to improve vehicle interactions with drivers which could potentially mean figuring out how to mitigate crashes to make the roads safer.

Ericsson wants to accomplish all of this through the use of the same technology that is used in mobile phones. Wireless connection is what allows people to interact so frequently and by utilizing that technology, they can develop a way to create a new system that brings everybody together even when they are not on their phones. They also state how it can be used to not only connect cars together, but can also connect them to the status of railroads and airports. They believe this system could become common since just about everybody uses phones and is already used to that type of technology.

Though this new framework sounds interesting and very helpful, there do seem to be a few factors that could cause problems. Ericsson mentions how service providers can charge people for this new service which means another expense for drivers, especially if it did become common in society. Another issue is that connecting all of these different forms of transportation sounds like a little too much information which may not display well and may be too much for people to see on their cell phones or on the displays of their cars. Since this can become very expensive many drivers may not have the option to afford this new type of technology. This makes it harder to implement a “Networked Society” because some people will not be a part of it. This can also make driving more dangerous for them since they will not be updated about any accidents. However it does sound like a good idea and I would like to see how Ericsson is able to develop this new technology and make it accessible for people in the future.