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Amazon Work-Life Balance Defender: Prior Employer Nearly Killed Me and My Team

o-AMAZON-DELIVERY-facebookNew York Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan questions whether her paper's portrayal of Amazon's brutal workplace was on target 1, citing a long, passionate response in disagreement 2 from Nick Ciubotariu, a head of infrastructure development at Amazon. Interestingly, Ciubotariu — whose take on Amazon's work-life balance ("I've never worked a single weekend when I didn't want to") was used as Exhibit A by CEO Jeff Bezos to refute the NYT's report 3 — wrote last December of regretting his role as an enabler of his team's "Death March" 4 at a former employer (perhaps Microsoft, judging by Ciubotariu's LinkedIn profile 5 and his essay's HiPo 6 and Vegas 7 references). "I asked if there were any questions," wrote Ciubotariu 8 of a team meeting. "Nadia, one of my Engineers, had one: 'Nick, when will this finally end?' As I looked around the room, I saw 9 completely broken human beings. We had been working over 100 hours a week for the past 2 months. Two of my Engineers had tears on their faces. I did my best to keep from completely breaking down myself. With my voice choking, I looked at everyone, and said: 'This ends right now'." Ciubotariu added, "I hope they can forgive me for being an enabler of their death march 9, however unwilling, and that I ultimately didn't do enough to stop it. As a 'reward' for all this, I calibrated #1 overall in my organization, and received yet another HiPo nomination and induction, at the cost of a shattered family life, my health, and a broken team. I don't think I ever felt worse in my entire career. If I could give it all back, I would, in an instant, no questions asked. Physically and mentally, I took about a year to heal."
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