digital_fingerprint2The new frontier for hackers includes our cars, our appliances, our home security systems and now our digital fingerprints.  It was just a few short months ago that I set up my touch identification on my new iPhone 6.  I was amazed how I could quickly scan my fingerprint and access my cell phone, which houses a lot of my personal and sensitive information.  Further, I now had the ability to authorize payments for apps, books, movies and music and make credit card payments through Apple Pay by simply scanning my fingerprint.  The thought passed through my mind then that passwords and security codes would soon become a thing of the past.  Tony Campbell of itnews now reports hackers have found a few vulnerabilities in the fingerprint sensor in Google’s Android mobile operating systems.  Vulnerabilities include the bypassing of pay authorizations and remote fingerprint harvesting.  Android mobile users should not be the only ones concerned about these vulnerabilities.  As Campbell points out, Google, Apple and Microsoft are all using some sort of biometric scanner, including fingerprint identification.  With more and more people conducting their financial business on their mobile devices what’s the next step in transaction security? Find out more about this in the full article here:,fingerprints-the-new-frontier-for-hackers.aspx?utm_content=bufferf36e1&utm_medium=social&

David Jannetty – Post University