Crystal Vuole Headshot - CopyCrystal E. Vuole  M.A., M.P.S is the Academic Program Manager in Human Services & Sociology and teaches various courses in Sociology at Post University. She holds master’s degrees in Humanistic and Multicultural Education, Women’s Studies, and Sociology and is currently a Ph.D. student in Sociology and Feminist Theory at Binghamton University. Her research and expertise are in gender, representations of women in society and in media, violence against women, LGBTQ issues, social inequalities, intersectionality of social identities, social movements, and multicultural education. Crystal is excited about the Digital Life & Learning Journal because she is interested in how our digital world and the digital learning format can impact social inequalities and our relationships with others. Additionally she seeks to explore how we can transform the student-centered, multicultural classroom into a digital classroom format.